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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been back at work for almost 4 weeks now. I'm at work right now. I still love my job, I really do, but it's no where near the top of my priority list, anymore. My hands are cracked open and hurt anytime I wash them or put the hand sanitizer on them. My car has to be scraped off in the morning. I'm trying to not work back to back shifts, so for anyone who has worked nights knows that I'm exhausted all the time because working every other day I never know if I'm coming or going. As much as I enjoy the adult interaction at work; all I want to do is stay at home w/ my Jakey and my husband. I always tell Jake before I leave to smile for mommy, to be good for daddy and to NOT laugh or roll over, then I tell daddy to lie to me if he does these things anyway because it will be heartbreaking if I'm not there to see/hear it. I try and tell myself that it is only 12 hours and he'll be asleep most of the night. It still sucks though!

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