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Thursday, December 11, 2008


My baby turned 1!!!  Wow-  it's mostly gone by quickly.  There were a couple weeks when he was teething  and the sleepless nights again that it was long.  But I surprisingly didn't cry at his birthday party.  It honestly was harder on me when he turned 10 months old than it did a year.  I think because at 10 months he was walking and already saying quite a lot (really acting like a toddler before he had too)  but now it's (for lack of a better word) appropriate for him to be doing these things.  We are done with the bottles!!!  That was the one thing I couldn't wait for to be done buying formula and not having bottles.  At his one year check up Jake weighed in at 25# 2 oz., 32 and 3/4 " tall.  He is a big man!  He didn't make as big of a mess that I had anticipated with his birthday cupcake (made and decorated by me thank you! - home made buttercream icing too)  actually for never having sweets before he ate it like he had one everyday of his life!  Crazy!  Well my big boy is wreaking havoc on something because it's quiet and the dog isn't in sight either so you know nothing good is happening!   

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Meghan said...

HEY!! Where have YOU been??!! How's the new job??? I'm officially done with pumping so I have an excuse to drop by sometime for a visit!