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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today Jacob and I went to The Picture People and got his 1yr/Christmas picture taken.  Of course we spent waaaayyyy toooo much money, as daddy had to give mommy a lecture, but I then reassured him that we were now to the point in Jake's life that we would be doing once a year pictures.  Obviously snapshots will happen!  My hope is that if we have any money after buying our plane tickets to Ft. Myers for the end of March we will be able to get a new camera!  That is my hope!  But if not the one I have works and it takes good photos, I just really want a better zooming lens!  Anywho, hope you enjoy the pictures!  And I hope all of you are well!


Kimber said...

Wow he's growing up fast. Merry Christmas Megan, miss you.

Libby's Mama said...

OK, I don't want you to think I have been keeping an eye on your blog! But something is wrong with the way your page loads and whenever I scroll all the words go away! So I've had to make up my own storied about what is going on with Jake! Like...The recession really has him down and he's worried about his future and college and stuff, got himself a nice new shirt and tie, now he's lookin' all spiffy and he went out and got himself a nice 8-11 desk job,(so he won't miss naptime) to help out with the family finances! Am I close?