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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's been a while

Hello I know it's been a while, i.e. title of blog.  My family and I are doing great!  Jacob is doing extremely well.  Learning new things everyday.  Dan thinks he can say sit to the dog.  I've not heard it so I'm not doubting him however I'm surprised and glad it's sit than other things that have managed to come out of my mouth after a long day of cleaning up poop and pee from the dog.  Jacob is getting quite a few more injuries these days I guess the joys of being able to walk and run and not being coordinated.  My mom had an emergency appendectomy a couple of weeks ago, it ruptured so she was in the hospital for a couple of days.  She's doing really well and in fact was cleared from the doctor yesterday.  My dad continues to lose weight for those who didn't know he had gastric bypass in July and at his 6 month check up is dow 135 pounds!  We are extremely proud and happy for him.  Dan's dad had a partial knee replacement on Monday.  He should be coming home today.  He seems to be doing well, but I think we'll really know how well he'll be doing when his 12 weeks off work and physical therapy begin.  For him to not be at work will probably be worse he's one of those that works 7 days a week if he can and hates mandatory off days.  And I'm sure for Dan's mom it will be a true test of their marriage!  Haha!  Dan and I are doing well.  My schedule is amazing for our relationship and Jacob of course.  Being able to be home 5 days in a row I can't explain how great it is!  I've been working out for 2 weeks straight now.  Last week I got 3 days in this week I hope to get all 7 it sounds good now considering today will be number 4 but I don't know how going to work will help me meet this goal.  I usually feel exhausted and nauseated after working busy or not, but we are able and fortunate enough to go back to Ft. Myers this year and well last year Jake was 3 months old so it was understood why I looked the way I did, I feel (especially with the new schedule, not much to  do outside and a boy who sleeps for 2 and a half hours during the day) there is no excuse!  I'm doing an hour on the treadmill, 5 minutes w/ the incline as high as it goes to decrease the size of my butt although I really think genetics is working against me, and the rest of the time i go back and forth between jogging and walking.  The best I've done was yesterday burning 604 calories and walking/jogging 3.7 miles in 60 minutes!  So my theory is SURELY something will get smaller by the time we go to Florida!  So I hope all is well with everyone!  Talk to you later!


Angie said...

Glad to hear how things are going in your life. Miss you at CNMC. Need to plan a girls night out! See you around.

Libby's Mama said...

Love the new blog makeover! You are a superstar! Your little man does not look like a baby anymore! Time for another, mother!