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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This photo is of Noah, Bailey, Jake and Gwyn at the holidome on Valentine's weekend.
I can't believe this my baby is going to be 15 months on Monday.  I'm excited yet so sad at the same time.  I remember those long nights we've had when I couldn't wait for sleeping through the night.  Washing bottles, spit up, blow outs and now all I wish was that I held him more and we did skin to skin more and I didn't get so strung out over breast feeding and gave up.  Oh well those things have been replaced by him knowing how to give AWESOME hugs and kisses.  His smile.  His laugh, dancing, singing, his love of books and his personality developing and growing more and more everyday.  I still can't believe this beautiful boy was created by my husband and I.  I also can't believe how much having a child changes you for the better.  Yes there are sleepless nights and messes and starting to get into tantrums but he's the greatest thing that I'll do and he makes me want to be better.  Anywho... life has calmed down everyone is out of the hospital and doing well.  My mom is starting to train the person that is taking over for her at her job so she can hopefully be done with working really soon.  My husband cleaned last weekend I don't know what came over him but it was great!  And extremely appreciated.  I've been working out consistently so I think that is a plus.  We leave for Fort Myers, FL on March 19 and come home the 25.  We are so excited this year.  Jake can do so much and loves the water and he'll just be so much fun.  I'm turning 25 on the 15.  So there's that.  I know relatively speaking that's young but I'm not looking forward to it.  Dan will turn 28 this month so at least I'm not turing 28 haha...just kidding that's for Dan because I like to remind him he's older than me!  Anyway take care!

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Libby's Mama said...

Man, you are getting old! You better hurry and have another baby before your eggs rot! :) Boy do I miss you fun, cool girls! How is paradise? ---> Hola, The Hoov