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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My house

Hello all!  So I know my layout isn't very good considering you'll read this first and then have to scroll down for pictures of my house.  but oh well.  So I decided to take you all on a tour of my home.  It's little but has character.  My husband and I are really starting to love our house it's just the days of edition living get old fast and our neighbors are fine it's just the both of us grew up out in the country dan had neighbors and was in an extremely small town where as I had one neighbor it was my grandpa and a corn field separated the two of us.  When the corn grew tall we couldn't see his house.  The town I'm from was 3/4 of a mile away from us that was all our driveway.  So to say the least I feel slightly congested most of the time.  Anyway enjoy our home as we do we have an office but its kind of a catch all and isn't pretty.  I hope this encourages my friends to put pictures of their homes up so I can know what you all live like.  Oh we also have a laundry room but it's a laundry room!  We are working on our outside and I would show you what we've done but my camera is dead so when it's charged I'll be back to post those.

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